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Deborah L. Killion, Author & Entrepreneur

At Digital Media Heaven, we work on creating the very best of all possible quality in everything we do. From digital eBooks, podcasts, and video, instructional media, business tools, and family-friendly media, we are a company dedicated to providing clean, quality media that enriches, informs, and helps individuals, schools, and businesses to reach their goals.

Please note that Deb's specialty is writing. She is a 5-star content producer of top-quality articles and has written for prestigious clients such as Apple, Inc., Terry Bradshaw (Networth TV), and Forbes Magazine, to name a few! She has been called "Internet Shakespeare" by many of her clients due to her attention to detail and excellence in the article writing content she creates for clients. She has been able to create a $5000+ plus month income on her writing alone, so that should give you an idea of her quality!


This company grew out of a long process that has evolved over the years into one focused business that combines a desire to create original technology inventions with high-quality digital media that entertains and informs. Our credo is: "Reaching the world from one small town," a tagline that we carried over from our primary company, "Small Town Global." Our focus is to keep business within the U.S. and employ and provide quality digital products for Americans primarily. If you use Paypal, you may also purchase from us if you live in other countries and all products are digital downloads. We will not hire anyone, however, outside of the U.S. and we use no Chinese or foreign processing facilities whatsoever.

We were part of the "liberty movement" during the election of Donald Trump in 2016 and believe in putting America first and making our country strong. We are not political but we are patriots who believe in keeping free speech and other rights free as our founding Fathers designed it to be.


Our CEO, Deb Killion, has a degree in Radio-TV and graduate work in psychology and is a self-taught computer and tech guru. We create innovative products that inspire and enrich our audiences and we encourage independent thought, artistic work, and individual inventions and projects.

She created an original computer known as the "Second Brain" based on Rasbian Raspberry Pi technology last year and continues to develop this idea between other projects.

We have gone through many changes over the years that define what we are. But we believe that this website best describes our brand- a creative media business and innovative technology company that operates from a small town in Arkansas but serves the whole world. Our previous slogan and brand name was: "Small Town Global- reaching the world from one small town."


We came up with this because we thought it symbolized the fact that we operate all of our facilities from one house in our small town and broadcast to the world via radio and tv, media production, and eBooks, audiobooks. In addition, Deb has a background in education as well as Psychology and has done extensive research on the media influence on criminal behavior as well as the power of positive media. Our initial company name was Small Town Global and our logo was "Reaching the world from one small town." We still have that domain but we are dedicating the use of that site to our internet radio station only and using this site (Digital Media Heaven) for our downloadable media and high-quality articles.

With the recent events with the 2016 election, of which we were a part, by writing and broadcasting information to let the public know the truth about what was really happening, has rebranded us somewhat. We want to be considered an "America first" company. We only want to focus on provided family-friendly materials through media, live and recorded broadcasts, and education tools that Americans value. 

Also, despite our love of innovative technologies as tools for learning, we also value the importance of striking a balance between the use of technology and real-world interactions so that kids will also learn to thrive outside of the confines of technology platforms and gadgetry.

Feel free to browse our site. We are just now transferring everything over so please be patient as we grow.

NOTE: We outsource and buy within the United States of America only. 

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